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Changing Bulk to Bits

Mobi Waste LLC,  is an innovative woman owned company, is focused on reducing overall volumes of food and related waste utilizing a mobile, compact, waterless, waste reduction device. This patent pending, high torque feed system condenses plastic, paper, Styrofoam, and packaging into consistent particles reducing solid waste 25% to 70%.

Tough and strong our blades are made to grind anything except wood, glass, and hard metal.


Scalable, ecofriendly alternative to reduce volumes of trash on site.


Immediately grind trash wherever you are. No transporting bags to a large bulky device taking up space.


Introducing Mobi

A patent pending device that is portable, scalable, waterless, energy-efficient, and is equipped with an automatic bagging system. it is a safety-sealed onsite mechanism constructed to mince food and related commercial waste.


Substantial Affect with Efficiency 

Grind up to

15 lbs

of waste in 1 min without water

Reduces up to


of solid food and related waste

Decrease of up to


of size and volume of trash bags

Trees From Above

Buy items with less packaging or manage your waste stream with reusable items. Adding food to a compost pile reduces what goes to the landfill. Do you have a garden?


Find new ways to make old items new again. Ex. Glass pickle jar can be reused for other food items, storage, candle holder. How have you reused an item?


Know what the plastic numbers mean and how they can be recycled and reused. Glass bottles and cans can be redeemed for money in some states.  What are some things you have recycled?


 #2 and #5 plastic can be repurposed into new useable items. Cardboard is great for gardening purposes. What ideas can you think of to repurpose items?


Why Mobi Waste

We believe in going all in. We thrive because of our market knowledge and a great team behind our innovative designs. We are driven to create a world where waste is not something we just throw away; instead, it is a passion to repurpose, reuse, and create materials that are innovative and world-changing. 

Simple & Secure

  1. Receive the waste: Trash is placed in the receiving trash chute.

  2. Pulverize into tiny bits: The trash falls into the grinding bay where the blades pulverize the trash into tiny bits.

  3. Bag are automatically sealed: The pulverized bits fall into the bagging chute where they are bagged.


80% of what a school throws away can be repurposed, recycled, or reused. The plastic, paper, or cardboard can then be turned into new products for schools to create a sustainable income or just reducing the volume of trash saves money on dumpsters.


Unwanted waste from conferences, hotel rooms, restaurants, and other areas of hospitality will see improved energy efficiencies by decreasing onsite volumes of waste. Reducing all forms of unwanted facility waste decreases the untold millions of 1-use papers, plastic bottles, cups, food packaging,  and a plethora of other 1-use item hurled into the waste bin.


 In 2023 over 1.15 million residents were housed in Nursing facilities an essential source of housing for the senior population. Cost will continue to rise. Mobi Waste can reduce the trash expense. By decreasing the volume of packaging, cups, plastic bottles, office waste, diapers, PPE, and such. Less bags will minimize quantity and sizes of receptacles used for hauling waste.


Supports reducing receptacles filled to capacity with cups, food, paper and other waste associated with large venues, decreases amount of space needed for large dumpsters, less expenses and easier for employees to handle bags that will be more compact and lighter.



Improve energy efficiencies by decreasing onsite volumes of waste . With long-term strategies, make a positive and sustainable business impact

Challenging the Status Quo

Our Partnerships

Partnering with those who want to increase enviromental readiness and stewardship.

Using innovation to inspire how the world sees, waste. This mission drives Mobi Waste to spare no effort in bringing new ideas to the forefront. We are committed to change the future of volumes of waste and find solutions for the full life cycle of unwanted waste. By creating groundbreaking innovations, building a strong global team, and making a positive impact on communities where we live and work, Mobi Waste LLC will change the future of the waste industry.


At Mobi Waste we inspire to be the brand that will bring innovative products, services, and experiences to the future of the waste industry. Innovations that empower and expand the human possibilities of changing the way the world sees waste. Mobi Waste is a company committed to the future of sustainability and our communities.


About Mobi Waste


Director of Operations


Chief Administrative Officer


Co-Founder, President


Co-Founder, CEO

Changing bulk to bits

All Terrain Vehicle

This unit is easily dispatched to remote or hard to reach areas making waste disposal onsite more efficient  Ex. large venues, stadiums, beaches, resorts, golf courses, etc.



This unit is an inside device that can be stationed in areas for use in a lunchroom, kitchen, or a work area.



Self-contained small trailer capable of being used with dumpsters in multiple locations. Ex. schools, hospitals, industrial businesses, disaster sites and large festivals.


Disaster Relief Rig

Development stages. This unit will add value in large venues and natural disasters. Ex. Educating at HLSR, Burning Man, and relief for communities during a natural disaster.


Danbury Texas


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